1368 or the highest vineyard in Europe

1368 or the highest vineyard in Europe

The vineyard for the 1368 by Barranco Oscuro above sea level is 1368 meters, which is likely to be European record. Although there are supposedly in the Valai vineyards, which should be similar, but I haven't found any real evidence for it.

In the 1368 wine garden of Barranco Oscuro in the Alpujarras, a few hectares of vineyards grow Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Garnacha. Despite the height, the vines deliver perfectly ripe grapes every year, which is not very surprising, the winery is on the same latitude as Tunis. However, this is always surprising is the balance of sugar & acid and power & energy that is inherent in the grapes.

This has a lot to do with Manuel Valenzuela's 40-year experience, but is certainly also due to the special conditions that the vineyard is exposed to: on the one hand is the sea that seems to be far away, the ascending moisture in the form of However, clouds are always urgently needed to bring water needed to the vineyard. On the other hand, the light changes at over 900 meters, becomes more intense and leads to a changed photosynthesis, which in turn has an impact on the plant, the grape skin and the pulp and obviously has on the flavors. Last but not least, the massive temperature differences between day and night also play a role, which can sometimes make up over 20 °.

The 1368 was fermented. The expansion took place over 18 months in used barriques. The 1368 was neither beautified, nor filtered or sulfurized Power & structure, elegance & depth, dark fruit & pepper. It is complex and yet inviting, juicy and cool and has an invigorating acidity that gives it tension and energy. After almost 10 years in the bottle, the texture is soft, the body is balanced and the finale is fine and sustainable.

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