The Schnail - awards in the new Slow Wine leader

The Schnail - awards in the new Slow Wine leader

Our winemakers and wines rarely receive awards.

This is very important because they never actually take part in any competitions. No DWWA, AWC or IWC of the platinum, gold, silver, bronze and if it is not enough, at least gives a recommended. 

So there is a crucial lack of golden cups, silver stars, red glasses and of course 100 points.

But at least once a year some of them get a snail. This usually happens in early October. Then the annual Slow Wine Guide, in which part of the Vinonudo winemakers are also discussed and some of them to Vignaioli slow - slow winegrowers and some of their wines are vini slow - slow wines.

Slow Vinonudo winemaker (Excellent with the snail for your overall concept)

Slow Vinonudo wines (Excellent in the new Slovine guide with the snail for a special wine)

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