Nerello mascalese - old vines on the Etna

Nerello mascalese - old vines on the Etna

The large variety of northeastern Sicily has its name from the mascali level between Catania and the sea. They still exist there, but their most important plantings are a good hour of auto away and a few hundred meters of altitude further up, on the slopes of the Etna.

And for some time now, as a large number of vines still exist today, which have been planted in the pre -inflammatory era and are still in earnings today. The Phylloxera Vastatrix, the miserable Laus, which was bought between 1865 and 1920 through tens of thousands of vineyards and almost destroyed the entire vineyards of Europe, never climbed the Etna - which is why the vineyards on the volcano are often ancient and are among the few worldwide that are without American Support vines (which, in all other regions, final solution to the reblaus problem).

Ideally, the wines scraped out of the grape variety and mostly with a few percent nerello cappuccio are elegant, mineral and delicate, cool-structured, and worn by crystal-clear aromas, which are often made of red berries, cherries and softlysholes, tobacco, leather, smoke, Put the flower notes, herbs and stones together.

No other Italian variety is currently making headlines more than Nerello Mascalese. The worldwide criticism is usually enthusiastic and certifies her attributes reminiscent of Pinot Noir and Nebbiolo. We have not always been so euphoric during many tastings in recent years. Sometimes the wines seemed to us too alcoholic, other times too little, too little, too inaccurate or stubborn. However. After a long search we have withSRCFound the winery, which sums up the ideal case and consequently our ideas of Nerello Mascalese.


Aldo Viola

PS: Aldo also has a few rows of Nerello Mascalese in the far west of the islandMorettoGive additional flavors and finesse.

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