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Jonathan Nossiter, the director of "Mondovino" and "REsistenza Naturalale ”and author of the excellent book“ Liquid Memory ”once said that it takes poets to make big wines. Corrado Dottori is one of them.

Corrado Dottori is first of all winemakers. Limiting him to it would be right for him, but would embezzle a not insignificant part of his activities. In 2012 he presented the book "Non è il vino dell'enologo", "the lexicon of a winemaker who opposed", and took a look at the generation of the 40-50 year old in 2017 in La Musica Vuota and Music, made a second central topic in his life as a protagonist. Not far from the winery, he operates a small agriturismo together with his wife and repeatedly operates as a blogger on his website; Although it is probably more apt to describe it as essayists, a thought -going and critical commentator of current wine concepts.  


Corrado Dottoris winery La Distesa is located in Cupramontana, in the heart of the brands. Its territory is also that of the Verdicchio, the large white variety of the area: most of its seven hectares are with it, a large part of it is able to see San Michele, a kind of Grand Cru by Cupramontana (which in turn is seen as a qualitative capital of the variety ). Mostly between 25 and 45 years old, roots roots in a terrain that constituted 23 million years ago and is of different sedimentary rock of marine origin. The topography is rarely flat and sometimes extremely steep. The terroir around Cupramontana has been considered predestined for long -lasting and structured, aromatic complex wines since the 17th century - and in fact there have been increasing wines for a good 40 years that do justice to the historical judgment. Corrado Dottori started in 2000, the first wines from then just three vineyards to press. Although he occasionally helped his parents with upcoming work, but he lived in Milan after studying business and rarely came to his old homeland. After his decision of the big city to turn his back on and become a winegrower, it was necessary to build an understanding of the peculiarities of his vineyards and terroirs. So he listened to the old winegrowers in the area and embedded her information in an approach that used the dialectic of nature and culture right from the start.

The art of balancing

On the La Distesa website, Corrado defines his work: “The authentic winemaker is an equilibrist. He loves the risk. He moves on the steep ridge that separates the triumph from the downfall. Always in balance. Always in the hover. In the rock wall, with a view of unknown terrain. He increases as best as possible without ever knowing what will happen to the next movement. ” Corrado refuses to machine his vineyards and the wish of many colleagues to grow bigger. He added a few plots with red varieties (Montepulciano, Sangiovese and Vernaccia Rossa) to his original possession and left it. He works exclusively by hand and has built up an intensive conditions for his vines and the surrounding nature: "... we have set arable beans, lupins, peas and lucerne between our vineyards and respect the physiology of the vine: ... we cut the vines carefully , do not emerge, do not fertilize, only use sulfur and copper in the lowest possible quantities and bring down nettle and field horsetail teas: in autumn and spring we inject biodynamic preparations. In our vineyards (and also in the olive groves) there are bushes, hedges, trees and constantly changing sowing next to the vines. " The declared goal is to have grapes in the basement, which no longer need unnecessary and manipulative treatments; which ultimately result in wines that arose through careful and manual work, the history of their place, its variety and the people who have accompanied and cared for throughout the year. Wines that give the term terroir its real meaning.

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