40/40, the winery of Lucas Pfister, is located in Ugarteche, a small town directly on the 40th southern latitude and on the famous Ruta 40, which leads from the northern edge of Argentina down to Tierra del Fuego. In the slattal shadow of snow -covered mountains, he wrinkles "wines without make -up" from grape varieties that are deeply connected to Argentina's viticulture history and that show that the idea of ​​bringing unadulterated wines into the bottle has long since grasped the whole world.

Lucas Pfister is at home in many worlds. Despite the name, he is born in Argentine. He also lives there from October to March, during the meridional winter, which is known to be quite hot and in which the grapes thrive for his 40/40 series. From April to September, on the other hand, he can be found in South Tyrol, where he works at the Biodynamic Winery of Alois Lated during the warm season. In the previous year he studied ÖNOLOGE in Bordeaux, Montpellier and Lisbon and was responsible for Saint-Emilion, in Margaret River in Western Australia And in Baden. 

The experiences that he gained there and there flow into his 40/40 (Cuarenta/Cuarenta) wine project, with which he started at home in Ugarteche in 2015. There he branched off two hectares at the 60 hectare winery of his parents, on the five terraces of which he implements his own ideas. In a few words, they are committed to the principles of the natural wine movement, but also have a deep reference to the natural and cultural requirements of its rather spectacular environment. 

The soils of his vineyards are amazingly heterogeneous. Between rubble and sand there are always loamy sections. The climate, on the other hand, is stable hot and dust dry. In order to counteract the often extremely high temperatures, Lucas educates its vines in the classic parral system, a completely closed pergola that donates shadows necessary to the grapes. 

He also floods his vineyards - also a tradition in Argentine viticulture - in order to give them water at least occasionally. 

In his 40/44 40 series, Lucas kits a total of eight wines, whereby everyone comes from biological management and fermented with wild yeasts, but three of them-his otro Andar line-are decimated natural wines. For this purpose, he only uses grape varieties that are traditionally connected to Argentina (Torrontes, Malbec, Bonarda) and thanks to the desert -like conditions all without a base. 

Lucas reads her early in the year to maintain her freshness and do not have to add acid, does not pay the grapes, keeps the mash stand time in red wines, but also leaves his torrontes in contact with the shells (approx. Three For days) - although you should imagine your maceration more like tea ceremonies: there are very gentle extractions at rather cooler temperatures, which serve above all to give the wines some additional structure and flavors. 

The three wines are expanded into used French barriques for over 12 months. They are roughly filtered before bottling and sulfurized minimally.

The wines of 40/40

Otro Andar Malbec-Bonarda