Daniele Ricci

Colli Tortonesi - Piedmont

Daniele lives and works in Costa VescoVedo, in the northern Colli Tortonesi and maintains vineyards there, which his grandparents mostly created in 1929. Much has not been added since then. This is mainly due to the fact that Daniele wants to participate in all work steps, which can be done quite well with seven hectares, but no longer really does 25 hectares. 

Only the vines from his grandparents' mixing economy have remained, but nothing has changed on the variety mirror since then. The clear number one is Timorasso, by far the most interesting white variety from Piedmont, which is made of the right hands (and Daniele's hands are exactly right), actually show big wines. In addition, in his sometimes extremely steep slopes, Croatina and Barbera are also rooted, from which he strips two excellent pure -like red wines, which are somewhat undeservedly in the shadow of his brilliant timerasso versions. 

The two attributes that Daniele and his vines unite are calm and time. He conveys them in each of his actions and treats them to his wines whenever they ask for it. He often leaves his wines on the mash for a long time (up to 100 days), even longer on the yeast (two years are absolute minimum) and then in the bottle for an indefinite period. 

At the last tasting we saw, he crowded with white wines from 2001 (OK) and 2004 (stunning). 

His range is based primarily on its different Timorasso interpretations, whereby it can be assumed that no wine like the other tastes. Daniele vinifies every year as he thinks it is right, plays with reading times, mash state and expansion times, containing (wood & cement) and on the one hand demonstrates his deep understanding of his vines and his terroir and on the other hand the immense bandwidth of the Grape variety. 

The wines of Daniele Ricci