La Possa

Heydi Samuele Bonanini looks back into a long time with his wines. A time when the inhabitants of his village still broke into the steep slopes of the Cinque Terre in order to maintain old, almost forgotten grape varieties, to dry their grapes in the air and to get out of it. The present looks different. Mass tourism has entered the Cinque Terre and offers most villagers alternative ways to shape their lives. 

Heydi's decision to found a winery and recultivate old vineyards, consequently, fell out of the frame. La Possa - The name is a reference to the PossaTara, the valley sloping towards the sea, in which its vines root - is a cultural performance, a wake -up call, an attempt to breathe life into a once large wine -growing region. You can hardly imagine any more spectacular vineyards than those in the Cinque Terre: the sky at the top, the sea below and in between cliffs and slopes, in which - extremely densely planted - thousands of vines can be found. 

It is usually ancient vine material of exposed microdes in which Heydi creates organically certified. The reading takes place due to the impassability of the site using a kind of cog railway. 

Bosco Is still his most famous variety. Together with the perfect complementary Albarola He writes from it that he Giancu and the Cinque Terre, two precisely, crystal clear & herbal white wines, in which the palate manifests, which makes its wines absolutely unique: salt. Lots of salt. The sea leaves its traces not only in the white wine. 

Even more pronounced, it can be found in Sciacchetrà, a sweet wine in the wind and dried Boscot grapes dried in the sun, which is in the deepest shadow in Italy. Beyond classic sweet wine aromas, macchiaarians, dried fruits and the sea again, are spreading in the mouth - if you ever have to be embarrassed to give a wine some point maximum, the Sciacchetrà from La Possa would offer itself.