Canaiolo - the perfect partner

Canaiolo - the perfect partner

How good is Sangiovese all alone? Almost the Beatles without George Harrison, Lionel Messi without Sergio Busquets or Sherlock Holmes without a doctor Watson. So very good. But not quite as well as he is with Canaiolo, which is always in the background. Canaiolo smoothes the edges of the Sangiovese, if his acid becomes too demanding, gives it energy when he weakens and cushions his body when it is too thin. Canaiolo is always subtle and does not like to step out of the shadow of Sangiovese - which is why he was chosen by the Barone Ricasoli, the inventor of the classic Chianti recipe, as the congenial partner.

On the one hand, the fact that he did not remain had to do with the fact that, after the extermination campaigns of the Reblaus, he did not want to make friends with the American bumper vines - the universal salvation.

In addition, ÖNologists and market experts said that it was time to put international greats like a mistake from the start in Tuscany to put international greats like Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot or Syrah - from the start, but one that you don't want to admit to this day . All three additions, as well as the Sangiovese, claim the spotlight, which is why it only occurs in the most elderly symbioses - and why the Canaiolo (like the other two always mixed varieties Mammolo and Foglia Tonda) celebrates a small but important renaissance .

Canaiolo is about as good as George Harrison without the Beatles - so anything but bad. Because of his nature, however, he also holds back solo. However, if you listen to him, you will discover delicate flower notes, fine red -berry flavors and velvety, finely knitted tannins in him.

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