Monte Dall'ora

Carlo Venturini and Alessandra Zantadeschi both have a rural family background, but followed completely different careers in the city for many years. A few years ago, they moved back to the country, with the intention of authentic and at the same time opposition wines (the Valpolicella is with a few exceptions wine industrial area).

The mountain, which was offered by Carlo for her big project, the Monte Dall’ora, was so overgrown that he had some scruples to show him Alessandra at all. Alessandra, on the other hand, had no scruple to be good for him. It then took two years to repair the vineyards and the stone walls. 

Monte Dall'ora is now a magnificent amphitheater that is built on a lime, which houses the entire range of the Valpolicella grape varieties: Corvina and Corvinone anyway Molinara, Rondinella, Dindarella, Oseletta, which is always in different compositions in their wines find again. The management was initially organic and is now biodynamic. The aim is to offer itself and the vines a healthy and vital ambience: the sticks are often several decades old and are brought up in the classic Pergola Veronese region. 

The most important and most important wine in the range of the two is clearly their amarone stropa. For the air -dried grapes, the auditors used to be used in the Valpolicella and while today you place in many places on fans, Carlo and Alessandra stick to tradition. Around Christmas, after around three months of "Appassimento" it is fermented and what happens is relatively difficult to understand.

The sugar content in the grapes, which is concentrated by drying, is gradually converted into alcohol. 16% and more are common. Not an optimal terrain for natural yeast that usually sets your activity at 15%. Not so in the Valpolicella - the reason for this is a yeast stem that is said to only be native to his hills and leaves the wine completely. 

As great as the Amarone may be, Monte Dall’ora, especially because of the quality of his Valpolicella and the Ripasso, enjoys unique selling status. Unlike so often in the region, Alessandra and Carlo do not consider them as a fifth wheel on the car, but as special challenges, which the same attention is given especially in the vineyard as the Amarone. The Saseti comes from partly fantastic plots around the winery in San Cariano. The grapes of the legendary camporenzo come from a single position that is largely based on lime and the wine - which always takes a few minutes of air to go up to top it -out - enthusiasts, vitality and train. The Saustò in turn goes through - as usual with Ripasso - a second fermentation in which the wine is added to the shells of the recioto (the sweet wine produced in minimal quantities) and which combines the power and energy of the amarone with the lively tension of the Valpolicella. 

The wines of Monte Dall'ora

Monte Dall'ora Saseti


Monte Dall'ora Camporenzo


Monte Dall'ora Saustò


Monte dall'ora amarone stropa

Amarone Stropa