Opok is the omnipresent soil type in southern Styria. Getting to the bottom of the geological term opok is not a very easy thing. It starts with the name. Opock is called Mergel in Slovenian, but is actually not a Slavic word. It is likely to have been borrowed from German in order to have started the linguistic journey again centuries later.

The original meaning is likely to derive from a specific property of the Opok, its strength, of which the Ur-Styrians once said that it would be "pocketed", that is, very dense. Speaking of the properties: As a actual rock or as a festive -defined geological unit, the term is unsuccessful - roughly as the veteran in the Wachau. Opok - you can agree on this - is basically based on marl. In the case of the South Styrian Opok, it is mostly limestone gel: the high calculation of the calculation has the reason that where vines grow today, there was formerly a sea, the remains of which mixed with the marl over time.