Boschera Winkler

With his alternative frizzante versions, Alessandro Winkler explains the potential of Prosecco and at the same time helps the almost forgotten grape variety of Boschera to make a small but important renaissance.

Co -changers are probably needed to gain new facets of a region like Prosecco. This is not to be expected and you can hardly think of it - as long as the sweet gschloder continues to sell as stupid, there is little reason to turn any screws - neither on the one that has to do with the quality, nor on the particularly loose sustainability screws. 

Alessandro Winkler is actually a dentist and only a part -time winemaker. His interest in putting further 08/15 Frizzante into the world is zero. Instead, he wants to get the best out of his vines, really good wines and also pay tribute to old traditions in the region. His three biologically managed hectares of vineyards are located on the eastern edge of the Veneto, in a hilly area in which forests and vineyards alternate. 

The fact of the always nearby forest - Italian Bosco - is due to the name of the Boschera, Winkler's most important grape variety. It was said to be found everywhere in the region decades ago before it was slowly forgotten. It would probably have disappeared from the scene if it should not have been 25 percent mandatory in the Torchiato di Fregona - a sweet wine, which is also hardly available. 

Dottore Winkler was always a fan of the variety and when he was given the opportunity to seriously deal with her in 2012, he grabbed her: on the one hand because he liked the idea of ​​keeping her from the potential extinction, on the other hand because he was convincing of her potential Was - but not as a sweet wine but as a spumante. 

He then made his debut in 2015. Apart from the grape variety, the vinification also differs fundamentally from what else is known from this corner. Alessandro dispenses with the potential arsenal of additives, not beautifully and not filters and lets the second fermentation take place in the bottle. It does not resent and dose, so that in the end you are dealing with a slightly cloudy frizzante, but also with one that has character, energy and tension. 

In addition to the Boschera, Winkler also manages a vineyard with Pinot Nero, which has an astonishingly longing story in Prosecco and which he also turns into a vital and crystal -clear frizzante. The grapes together with the combs were slowly and gently pressed and fermented spontaneously. In spring, the wine was then filled into the bottle after a minimal sulfurization for a second fermentation and released for sale after a good two years. 

The wines of Boschera Winkler


Rosato-Pinot Nero