Mottola - Apulia

Pantun is a young project in the old wine country of the Apulian Murgia. It goes to Jutta and Mimmo's account, which after long hiking years and activities in wine from wine in 2000 opened their tents in Mottola. 

Mimmo grew up between primitivo vines and around this he also felt after his return to the village of his childhood and youth. Together with Jutta, he planted a few hectares of it in the Alurello Pugliese, the classic and perfectly suitable educational system for the hot temperatures, and began to cultivate his vineyards in the best craft manner and without the use of systemic pesticides. Jutta, for which viticulture initially meant new territory, took care of the newly created gardens and gradually transformed the two of the idle earth into a colorful and lively terrain (which also includes an olive grove, a forest and a grain field). 

They began to experiment with propolis, thyme oil and plant extracts to reduce the already low sulfur and copper amounts with which they protected their vines from fungal diseases. Beyond this natural agricultural access, the two did everything else to get perfect basic material for expressive wines. They rely on a variety of different primitivo biotypes that would increase the gene pool and biodiversity in the vineyard and the complexity in wine and were content with 1kg grapes per vine.

Thanks to the clear ideas regarding vineyard management and careful vinifications, they got wines in the bottles that tasted of their surrounding area - and thus the potentially sharpest critics. 

In the meantime, Jutta and Mimmo have the way in which direction Primitivo could develop. Far from the sticky and fruit -overloaded clichés that are usually connected to the grape variety, the two use the natural requirements on the 400 meter high -lying Murgia, a wild plateau covered with Mediterranean scrub. It is sometimes roaring shot there, but a gentle wind almost always blows through the vines and at night it freshens properly. The fact that the vines are rooted in clay and limestone-enforced soil is similarly important.

Summa Summarum means that the two primitivo of Jutta and Mimmo are generally dark, Mediterranean and powerful and yet dynamic, inviting and animating.

Pantun's wines